Tottenham New Stadium

Hapa Derby na arsenali bet itakua ni kuekelea kichwa na Ov7.5…
meanwhile safisheni cornea wadau
courtesy: skyscrappercity

Very nice

Nimesafisha macho kweli… That’s an awesome stadium. Hongera.

Now that Spurs have malizad the project that was taking up all their energy and resources, they need to focus on 2 priorities:

  1. Keeping Pochettino, who is being heavily seduced by Man U.

  2. Signing new players.

If they lose Pochettino now, it will be a major drawback to the good momentum they’ve built over the last few years, albeit with no accolades yet. Spurs also raised a lot of eye brows over the summer by signing no new players, which is not sustainable for a Top 6 outfit in today’s EPL climate, but we know it’s because all the money had been ploughed into the stadium.


‘TO DARE IS TO DO’ Kweli Kenya is a shithole, hii ligi itawai fikiwa kweli, na watu huko twitter ni keyboarding tu

Hehe…Totenham have no money to spend on the January transfer window. They only have to sell players who will not fetch a lot of cash unless wanauza Harry Kane ama overrated Dele Alli. Dembele’s contract is about to expire which means he can only be sold for a pittance at most

Enyewe football is big business if they have invested such heavily in a stadium.
Are they changing the name or it remains White Hart Lane?

Fixed…you’re welcome!

From an Arsenal fan it’s allowed especially like now bado mko na machungu ya kulishwa nyasi.

Totte are headed for very tough times ahead similar to what arsenal went through 2006-2015 their best hope is they can hold on to Pochetino and their superstars can hang around longer without winning much which will be a tall order.

For now, it will be known (rather blandly I must say) as the “Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.” Maintaining the name “White Hart Lane” is not good for making money. Why? This will be abandoned in favour of a naming rights sponsorship link, similar to the “Emirates Stadium,” or the “Etihad Stadium”… Ngoja tu, Karauri is watching closely… Utaskia imeitwa the " Sportpesa Stadium."

I like the way English clubs use space efficiently when building their stadiums.

Necessity demands, esp. London teams, huko mbuloti is very expensive

Inabidi… Hata huku tutalazimishwa kuwa economical eventually… Look at Kasarani; with all the generous space around it, there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t be expanded to 90k+ capacity like Wembley or Nou Camp.

Hebu watch the video below… Did you know the short distance between Goodison Park & Anfield? You’ll be shocked!

First World, what happened to our own 5 stadiums ,lack of will power