Toto's husband had taken a tour to Mau forest


He is literally employed in her county office right now. This man who was earning a private school teachers salary would have denied his own mother, father, and maybe cut off a few fingers so he could secure his position as “first husband” of a womens county rep.

Linet Toto already has a legal case that was brought up against her for nepotism in the people she hired for her Womens County Rep office. She has hired her own brothers, sisters, cousins and uncles, its no suprise she also would hire her boyfriend.

Aliacha huyu peasant.

This is the last place I expect grown men discussing this Toto, why give her all these airtime and there is nothing meaningful she will do to this country? Ameanza hizi drama to remain relevant and you are fanning it, line hook and sinker. Mtafute vitu muhimu za kudiscuss sio huyu clout chaser kienyeji

Hope she doesn’t neglect her parents.
Her father is a very down to earth guy who used to work as a hostel janitor at Egerton University (Lang’at)

umama thread

Naona ako na type yake…huyu na toto wako sako kwa bako appearance wise :D:D

Correction. Kumbe huyo ni toto na fisi ingine…