Total Solar Eclipse on Monday April 8th, 2024

The upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024 is going to be MIND BLOWING & BIBLICAL.

In conjunction with the Solar Eclipse that happened in August 2017, that spanned over the whole US over many towns with the name “Salem”.

The town of Jerusalem was originally just “Salem”.

This time, the path of totality will follow over many towns in the US called “Nineveh” making an “X”.

What’s MOST interesting here, it’s that the way the eclipse takes this time will coincide with a series of Biblical named towns…Cross, Elijah, Enoch, Flood, Groom, Israel, Jonah, Nineveh, Noah & Rapture.

Interestingly…Rapture, IN is the center point of the “X” where BOTH eclipse paths will have crossed. BUT, it gets even MORE WILD…

The way that the planets in our Solar System will line up during this 2024 eclipse, represents a literal LADDER TO CHRIST, based on the names of the constellations.

Is the eclipse of 2024 a FORESHADOWING of the RAPTURE, when God takes His faithful HOME???


For a billion years the earth has undergone all those eclipses na hazitawahi isha , but kuna something which constantly ends every moment, fools and fanatics, they come spew bullshit eventually wanalamba down . You will too chief in Christ

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Kuna mzae alikuwa anatwambia dunia itaisha in 2011 nilikuwa nimeingia box hadi nikaanza kupeana vitu zangu