Total body cleanse and lifestyle change.

Have quit cigarettes,energy drinks, soft drinks, coffee etc for the next 1 month. Serious work outs in the gym lazima and better sleeping habits. Need to get this shit in order.

Let’s see physical improvements that will come with such a positive change.

Energy drink ya 50bob isnt energy drink kijana…what you have been drinking are kariobangi chemicals kufa polepole bila kutusumbua

Ghasia humbwer be happy for me

Good luck!! 'Tis time to test your mettle.

I only drink one cup of dark keg once a month

If its hard vapes will be a healthier alternitive. Hio rooster unavutanga ina chemicals mob.

Ongeza fruits mingi na veggies. Transfer the budget for the things you’ve dropped to these.

Welcome to team uji healthy bila sukari.Body inapungua utambi unamea zaidi

Quit booze.
Three years now but fegi inaleta shida kudrop.
Hapo kwa gym pia nilikanja na sijawai enda.

Who are you kidding? No results will be achieved in one months time.

The first 24hrs for a smoker are very beneficial.

Quitting cigarettes isnt easy

Its not easy but its possible. Simply avoid exposing yourself to environments that will make you vulnerable

Siamini, acha niulize Bokello.

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