torn Under arm muscle

Been having this pain just below the armpit when I stretch my hand .could it be a torn muscle, it’s the left arm, no pain when in Normal posture,juzi I tried carrying a few boxes of tiles ,
Naogopa kwenda hosi Leo,

could this be due to vigorous masturbation?

Holding up your phone or tablet or any other mobile device you use for long hours in your left hand.
Stop the habit and you will be fine.
PS, advice billable.

Maggot am right handed

Taken with a pinch of salted okra

Wachana kazi ya Mjei,tafuta waiguru muibe na tenders.

you wank with your right hand?

Hata wanking ina right/left usage?

yeah man, there is a difference between left and right hand usage

boss Si utafte coomer ama pombe, or go to church… Wait for 10pm switch to inooro watch DJ afro.

Pesa hazinuki kule zimetoka

Relaxing from strenuous activities will give you time to heal, happens alot to weight lifters.

Hahaa acha tu nicheke, the closest I am to “weights” I can lift is near cement or in my house.