So a friend alishukiwa na bibi that he had an affair nje ya ndoa sasa this wife goes ahead akararua passport yake and the guy is supposed to travel the end of this month. Ticket is already booked.
So is there a way this guy anaeza pata a new passport before io time?


A friend, huh. Sema ni wewe tukusaidie. Start with a police abstract.

Ati Police Abstract?

Start by slitting that woman’s throat. Then ukuje nikushikanishe na jaluo ingine ya ku bind vitabu Luthuli Avenue.

i know of a person who got his passport within 24hrs. with money, anything is possible in Kenya.

sita saidia na mambo ya passport but, how does she do this and this is what brings food to the table, she should have dealt with the man not the document, then if she gets a beating some complain that’s not the way to go, PINK handles am calling you out here, to me huyu ana stahili viboko, for the guy, i pity him, soon atajinyonga,

Hopefully huyo mwanamke amepata slap ya mwaka to start with!

These creatures called women are not rational thinkers

Haha sema ni wewe tunajua about your domestic issues na bibi yako.

Such a wife ni wa kufukuzwa aende kwao. My cousin alikuwa na kinyangarika kama huyu, she almost got the guy killed.

Apply for an emergency passport. If he does that today he can get it by Monday-Tuesday. Travelling with a torn passport will raise red flags and you can be detained or arrested.

A psycho is never to be entertained in any way. Leave the bitch before she kills you or take you to jail.


Kazi kwisha. Iko nini?


Doesn’t look that bad. If most of the pages are intact, all he needs is superglue and patience. He can place all the papers back together.

:D:D15 days tayarisha 10,000… the earlier the better… dont forget, ukishaenda that angry kunguru atafungulia broke ninja miguu wewe ukipigwa baridi pale uharabuni:D:D

Is the visa already on the passport?

Well yea, but he has some temp residency ya the place anaenda with an ID ya kule

This is madness

Rushia mimi contacts nirushie rafiki yangu