Torn between 2015 Honda CRV and 2015 Nissan Xtrail. Gani Poa Pro & Cons?

Specifications of the 2015 Nissan X-Trail 2.5L 4WD
Engine: 2,488cc 4-cylinder DOHC Twin CVTC
Transmission: CVT, all-wheel drive
Power: 171PS @ 6,000rpm
Torque: 233Nm @ 4,000rpm
Fuel consumption: 8.3L/100km
Kerb Weight: 1,612kg
Specifications of the 2014 Honda CR-V 2.4L 4WD
Engine: 2,354cc 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC
Transmission: Five-speed automatic, all-wheel drive
Power: 190PS @ 7,000rpm
Torque: 222Nm @ 4,400rpm
Fuel consumption: N/A
Kerb Weight: 1,560kg

@hunningale mi huona kama ni muuzaji wa magari he might help you .

I would go for Crv, I find it good looking and durable

niliambiwa taa moja ya xtrail ni 100k how true sijui but nikama toyota bandwagon wanaisikilia wivu

Don’t go anywhere near that Xtrail.

Stay at least one county away from it.

And in future don’t bother wasting time comparing a Honda, Especially CRV, to a Nissan. Even a Honda Fit is still better than an Xtrail.

They are not in the league.

Dont touch the Xtrail. It has many unreliability issues. Honda is a reliable car and very stable on the road so safety rating its good.

Vile @Inthanite and @Ben Dover wamesema. Kaa mbali na xtrail. Afadhali hata vanguard. ama fortuner

Honda any day , Nissan quality yao iko chini zaidi

Hondq makes better engine’s than toyota… crv all the way.


Michinga jing jing jing


I said it’s an estimate… At what RPM is 185HP…swara wewe…

Scotty Kilmer alisema ukiona MTU ananunua xtrail muitie daktari wa akili.

avoid any car with a CVT transmission. Thank your bank account later.

Watu huambiwa hii hawaskii

Nissan have the worst CVT. Same goes to Mitsubishi, stay away from them

acha wachapwe stick polepole…gari zngine ziko na CVT ya umeffi ni 2011 - 2014 Audi A4 Quattro na 2013-2016 Subaru Forester XT, very shitty cars

Nearly all common cars are CVT. The first generation of CVT was a problem but seems the issues are sorted.

i suspect its a way of making sure that we buy new cars after every 150K miles…bure kabisa

Why? Any concrete reasons??