Am turning 53 next weekend
Never had a chance to go to University coz of fees
I now want to learn, not for a career or job or nothing, but Just to expand my knowledge
I have my mbiacharas
What degree would you advise me to take
been thinking about Philosophy, political science, or sociology

Fanya theology

Ni kama hao watu wa degree muhimu wanaoga after a long day of backbreaking work kwa muhindi. They’ll be with you shortly.

If you’re doing it for knowledge and want to diversify your knowledge i;d suggest online courses, perhaps certificates or diploma. Cost will be less than $200 per course (others $50) and you have a range of courses from credible Universities WW. Benefits are you can learn at the comfort of your home at the times you like. Don’t be too fixated on conventional uni or college.



For expansion of knowledge I’d go for sociology. Remember as a mubaba with cash, probably driving you really will expand your knowledge.

Anything along the lines of your hobbies should help to give you that long desired accreditation to back the knowledge you have gained in the world already.

As mentioned above, I’d also go for sociology if I were you.
With your age, it’s a perfect fit to understanding humanity more. The more the society changes, the more it remains the same.
Other than that, I’ll go for something that aligns to what I have identified as a hobby, probably an arts degree. Given that you have businesses that bring you income.


All the best

buy bundles and watch the thousands of informative youtube channels, save your money

Watch TED Talks and docu-series. You will understand the world better.

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