Russia is big ama uko ni wapi

Russia ni continent?:rolleyes:

Hapa we agree on an issue for the first time. They always want to diminish the black man.

[SIZE=6]Why do Western maps shrink Africa? | CNN[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4] https://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/18/africa/real-size-of-africa/index.html [/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Why Google Maps gets Africa wrong[/SIZE]



map projections bwana - the earth is a ~spherical shape and represented as a 2d image - of course since africa is almost split in half - its going to look smaller

Africa is more than 15 times larger than Greenland. Why then do digital world maps almost always use the 550-year-old Mercator projection, which makes Africa and Greenland seem equal in size? Is it too hard to map data onto a modern equal-area map?


@sani kwa nini Europe classify themselves as a continent while the map shows wako asia.

Be quiet when adults are talking

When the likes of @tall mnyama everywhere are the IT Gurus and @Nipe Nikusifu the GIS specialist, yes its too hard to map the data

malaya wewe…usinitaje ovyo ovyo

:DKwani wewe ndio prefect hapa?

Why are they doing this?

It makes me wonder, is the world a globe?. If everything is out of scale and it fits perfectly?. What does NASA usually from space?