This is one epic movie. A roller coaster kinda movie. Fasten ya seat belts for its one he’ll of a ride (read movie)
Unfortunately for this kijiji only a few mbirrionaires can gerrit aka ze frequent fliers like:
@D… Mungai
@Finest wime
@kush yule mnono
@Azor Ahai
@Ka-Buda and
@Panyaste★ and of course
Yours trury.
It’s a great movie about a pilot who fights off some terrorists to safely land a commercial airliner. It’s acted 99% within the cockpit.
Well for those when have never seen the inside of a plane like:
@FieldMarshal CouchP
@Meria Mata
@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii
And the thug
@Addi Teacher
You have a good chance to see it, in a movie of course…kikikkk

Well by ze way the movie is available only on
Amazon Prime.
(Apana tambua Netflix)

Mod mushienzi


Huyu msee anabonga ni kama amegundua movies leo

:smiley: Hayui kwamba hayui?

Apo kwa @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii nakubaliana na wewe. Kitu huyo mujamaa ameona ni kubebwa na datsun 1200 ya jirani akitoka huko chavakali

@WatuRendio ni gani between the two below;


Pssst…hamkumshow kuna torrent sites ? :D:D:D

7500? done and dusted,nimefikiria hata ni part two


Najua ziko. Duh.?
Just pointing out for those subscribed to major streaming service providers its only available on Amazon.