spring, summer, autumn, winter

each season takes 3 months, hence 12 months altogether.
the year begins with spring.
spring begins in the month of march.

what am i saying ? ; the year starts at march


Sorry we are Kenyans and here we have only two seasons, the wet season divided into the long rains/short rains and the dry seasons.
This one about summer, spring and whatever pls post somewhere else,totally irrelevant here and even if it was, this stuff is taught in lower primary schools.

Ok, then okiya should move to court and obtain a court order to suspend the new year celebrations until March.

Don’t give that idler ideas. Every time he goes to court he costs taxpayers millions of shillings

Hey buddy, we are not in Japan

Dont you mean he saves kenyans from hyenas who want to mutilate the constitution?

You can look at it that way but the constitution as it is is hurting us. Any more implementation will cause more pain than joy. For example the currency change cost us billions that we don’t even have

True, but thats a one off. it also prevents future presidents each from trying to print their own images that would make it a continuous never ending cost. Its a good thing.

Tingiza tingiza, kagūkū kagūkū.

if you dont give a ferk about new year iyo ni shida yako…apana sumbua sisi

@purp It was like that during King Julian days, however, his calendar was inaccurate with a few hours. Gregory’ team adjusted that problem. So they switched to the calendar New pilgrims in America still dwelt on that March-April calendar hence the term April fools was coined for them. Anyway the Gregorian system is still not the most accurate so we have a leap year while the Jewish is adjusted after every 17 years. The most accurate is the Persian/solar hijri system which is guided by the stars.


:smiley: damn, mnanifurahishanga sana