Met my 1st talker today, one and only VC, kingorani majengo under a truck, amekataa nitume mbisha.


Chini ya truck akikaokota ama


mnazungumzia nini nyie

…or probably cuddling with the truck hoe…:slight_smile:






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Keti Pale ------------>>>

This is the main problem with talkers, you will regale and entertain them with your experiences, they will praise your writing skills and egg you on asking for more and more explicit tales and then they will use the same to besmirch and throw aspersions on your character.
Whatever you say or post on this forum can and will be used against you at a later date and not in the way you meant it to be.


You don’t get it ,do you?

It has never been about entertaining anyone…or god forbid, getting egged on like I am in need of attention…far from that.This is the only place where I can come clean and accept the judgement you pass on me.

Otherwise if it was about ingratiating myself to strangers then I would have been offended when the truck hoe name was coined…and threads to insult me were made… These are petty issues for me.Things I have to atone for are much worse.


I will leave it at that.

Yaani @Meria Mata , you decided that the only way to save part of the allowance is to sleep under a truck instead of paying hotel fee:D:D:D

Or did you use all of it on mariakani slay queens?? Siku hizi wanatunyanyaza sana

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Okay, Leo I met the funniest talker of all, won’t describe him but theres something that makes you laugh when you see @D_Minor and he didn’t disappoint, nimecheka hadi ya 2018 yote. Waiting for his hekaya.
VC hasemi kitu

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@Meria Mata amesema pesa itarudi after elections.:D:D
[SIZE=16px]He has to make due with what he has. Ata alisahau thuraku invasion.[/SIZE]

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You know so well kua chini ya gari sio eti umelala, ferking @D_Minor found me fixing the air filter, this cartoon didn’t want to get his hands dirty, kucheka tu.

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Kunyonya WD40 ya muarabu

I learnt the hard way

Kuwa kama mimi. No incriminating hekayas

Does the village’s perception of your handle’s character really affect you?