hata romulus na remus walinyonya ya muthige na hawakusumbua…



No no no…lazima nisumbue…

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ata AS ROMA hawasumbui… [ATTACH=full]82987[/ATTACH]



unakuanga na characteristics zinaenda kufanana na dem alikuwa anaitwa seeker klist…sexual starvation ya mwaka mzima

hit my inbox for some serious pipe, no one needs to know

:)… i’m not starved, sexually or otherwise.

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except you just told us…and we really didn’t need to know

Doesn’t mean we can’t talk though…in private

Except you just read the whole of it…and you didn’t have to

Tommorow post a male dog working on the Latino. Upussy thread

Okay. I will.

The fuack?! I was about to call out white people but I guess mexicans are messed up too?

My thought exactly… there’s people out here doing weird shit …