Top politicians with 'questionable' academic papers

Oct. 01, 2016, 3:00 am
From clockwise: Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, nominated MP Johnson Sakaja and Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi. /FILE

Top political leaders and high State officers are caught up in an academic certificate forgery fiasco that threatens their professional and political careers only 10 months to the 2017 polls.

The latest to be mired in the potentially damaging farce is Jubilee rebel MP Oscar Sudi (Kapseret), who joins a long list of prominent personalities, including governors, MPs and top civil servants.

Nyinyi Talkers mnajijua. How many of us are fakes? Kwa sababu, apart from Da Vinci, hakuna Talker ambaye hajaenda university!


Sakaja hakuwa na degree? o_O

@uwesmake has a degree in sports science straight from River Road.


Sakaja has a degree, ni ile tu transcripts make zilikuwa na C’s and D’s as the only grades


Leo unatumulika sana, iko Nene!


nyinyi kama nani

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You know I got mad respect for Bifwoli Wakholi. He should be your next governor.

Joho has acquired a valid degree from Gretsa University. Ile ya Kampala university ndio ilikua fake

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Degree ni karatasi tu. Mimi nimejihami na zangu kadhaa genuine from india

Ama mundu mulosi na uwesmake ni one and same person??? or couples,

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@Mundu mulosi= @uwesmake ooor they are couples

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Kama babuon hako hapo na certificate ya welding hii sio complete

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Former police Boss Kimaiyo had a MASTERS from some British colony university. HE GRADUATED with his FIRST DEGREE AND THE MASTERS DEGREE AT THE SAME TIME ( on the same day). From the same school. It took him a total of 2 YEARS to complete both. .AND he was vetted and passed.
If I start today, I can get a phD by August 2017.


Why doubt your ability? You could have it by the end of the year if you apply your self. :eek:

Acquired or earned?

He earned it, through distance learning.

Kuna siku Hoho alikua interviewed pale Citizen na Hussein Mohamed:

Husein: Oh cool, Mombasa is so warm today

Pablo: smiles yes, very warm actually, yada yada yada…

Husein: out of nowhere who was your favorite professor, and what was your favorite unit at Kampala uni?

Pablo: :confused::confused::confused::eek: umm…

Husein: sternly …yes?!

Pablo: umm, I know the Dean and the VC…aaand…

Viewers: Of course you know the guys whom you paid to get the paper :D:D

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