Who still onto this show? Frankly, after Chris Evans left and Matt took over, the show has grown a bit and it is more pleasing to watch.


The current main hosts are these three guys;

(1. Matt LeBlanc. The main host. Never lost his sense of humour.

(2. Chris Harris. I used to watch his shows on youtube way before he was poached by the new Top Gear series. Could comfortably pick up the Stig’s role if he had to.

(3. Rory Reid. Finally, a black guy hosting a big car show. Not the funniest nor the quickest, but he is well laid back and adds a good touch to TG. He usually tests the normal day to day cars.
















Nilileft na Jeremy Clarkson. Nipate pale Grand Tour

Hi I show ni poa. I like their chemisry

Both are good entertainment shows, probably among the best in their category and I watch both. However for a car show I will stick to Fifth Gear. At least there I can watch cars that I will most likely drive.

hata Season moja yao sijawai watch, nilihama na the dynamic trio…

Same here…please find me at The Grand Tour.

Wale wa kina kwa Captain Slow? o/ .

Lost interest after they faked Tesla failures

That was during Jeremy’s era. They did another Tesla run in Grand Tour.

True, these guys were meant to be here after kina Hamster left. With their different personalities, they fit in well in the show. I never watched the season which Chris Evans was hosting and I knew this show had tanked. But they have managed to keep it afloat.

If you guys fancy the trio in their current show, GT, then I beleive that you can enjoy TG too with Matt in it. Yes they all different but trust me, it ain’t that bad.

Right now i am out of a car show to watch so i will give TG another shot plus look into fifth gear now that nimeskia iko na gari za mwananchi.

Yap. For me, TG and GT are usually for good laughs though one still gets some tips about fancy cars (and places too). For some serious car show, youtube has a number of excellent car reviewers…Fifth gear being one of them.

But still Jeremy made fun out of the whole review when he had lawyers as passengers since he was sued (and Tesla lost) after first review while filming top gear.

I think the tesla celebration mode is pointless. I know it is the age of tesla but boy do i hate self driving cars and electric cars.i would rather a hybrid but they are heavy and the tech is complicated for our local fundis. I want to hear the roar of an engine or the whine of a beard shaver(as is the case with porte and passo)

Yeah. Tesla is a big brand now and there is no way GT could skip a review of any of their new cars. For Jeremy…if you know him well then that stint he did with the lawyers shouldn’t surprise you :D. He can’t just back off quietly esp now that his previous review earned him a spotlight in a bad way.

The exact thing that Jeremy despises about Tesla. I think Clarkson speaks on behalf of many diehard petrol heads. Thats why that issue he had with Tesla after his first review in Top Gear never infuriated guys.

The current breed of vehicles being manufactured will never be the same feeling for our local fundis. The only one that will probably remain are the mwananchi breed of AD fun, Prombox, Passi, Altar and the likes. Very soon even Premios/Fugas/RAV4s are going to be alot more computerised…

Top gear is good but gt is better… I find fifth to be very in formative though

@123tokambio can you elaborate more on “Very soon even Premios/Fugas/RAV4s are going to be alot more computerized”?