Top 5 Late nyt polls of 2017

Kindly Find below the best of late nyt polls of 2017 as per the number of comments.

  1. Can you let[SIZE=5] someone insert 3 baby rats into your ass hole? (40 comments)

    2)Can you[SIZE=5] go under a cow, naked then super glue your ass to the udder? (29 comments)

    3)Have you[SIZE=5] ever inserted a tape measure in your ass hole to see how deep it is? (28 comments)

    4)[SIZE=5]Can you insert your finger into the ass hole of a dog then lick and suck the finger?
  2. [B][SIZE=5]Can you go up the stairs naked, then roll down the stairs while masturbating? (23 comments)

Once again, Thank you, FANS for the cult support.

SEE YOU IN 2018. [/SIZE][/B]

@admin akuundie category yako 2018 because wewe ni chizi.

Give us statement of income and expenditure tuone how much revenue you got from the poles
Thank you for the continued support

Na kila
Siku kabla ulale, Hakikisha ume log out. Khipipi asiwai jua ni wewe hujaza server ya dero na meffi

What do you do for a living son?

numero uno fan ah poles here o/

waaah ur level of imagination na your own mkia wewe unaweza jikamua



Am not usually creeped out easily but you are more scarier and creepier than @GeorginaMakena akileta female empowerment crap

tahura mbica wi nui uthie rungu rwa ng’ombe uhake itina super glue urinyitithanie na mukamo!?

Huyu jamaa ni kichwa meffi

:D:D:D hio ya kuweka tape measure kwa haga ilinipita


Used to dismiss him until a famous talker riffing in raaadan actually confessed to doing @cortedivoire - like stuff

You need to get your head checked then accept Jesus into your life.

If as a man u feel scared by women empowerment you are worthless.Your DNA is of 2 women. A woman will placate n caretake you n gladly give you nunu even if she’s the president.

umbwa ghassia takataka

Mtu anaweza pata cardiac arrest akipata @cortedivoire is actually his boss in real life, ama mwalimu wa mtoi wake wa CRE.