Top 4 largest supermarkets in Kenya

Naivas leads by branch count at 66 ahead of Tuskys at 54 and Quickmart at 32.
Chandarana Food Plus closes out the top four with a count of stores at 20.

Nakummat was there

Quickmart is just a money laundry

Nilishafanya analysis ya Naivas kwenye huu uzi. In the next five years itafilisika kama Uchumi, Nakumatt na Tuskys.

Saizi since Tuskys died there’s no supermarket in Kilifi town mazee

Those funders wana pesa ta ngui

Good analysis mzae.
Nimekupea like.

Ya Arror ama?

Hapana. Arror pesa yake yote iko kenya. Akiiba ananunua mashamba

Quickmart inakaa ni Venture Capitalists wanakulia. Each VC buys, builds it abit and sells to the next VC at a profit. But itafika mahali hiyo karata itaisha. Their stuff is expensive and since they do not have big stores they may not benefit from the economies of scale that a Carrefour has.

Chandarana has some branded stuff you dont find in local supermarkets. Nilienda kutafuta condensed milk na cheddar cheese niliangaliwa nikama nimeulizia P2

This is such a vanity metric which is probably wrong.

Carrefour made 18bn in 2018-2019 from only 7 stores. At the time, they were number 3 retailer aiming to be number two by end of 2019. Here is the statement from the Carrefour Kenya country manager according the a Reuters report… Carrefour aims to become Kenya’s number two retailer this year, adding floorspace and using ultra-competitive pricing to boost sales and increase market share, its franchisee holder in the country said.

At the time this statement was made, it is obvious that the two largest retailers by revenue were Tuskys & Naivas.

We don’t know the profit generated by all the 3 but we can safely assume that they are most likely loss making so we are unable to use this as a metric for gauging performance. All the supermarkets above have taken serious capital injections within the last few years.

Carrefour have very super prime locations. Two Rivers Mall, the Hub, Village Market, Sarit Centre, Junction Mall. The business also seems to be doing very well because despite Carrefour having the largest number of tellers by far per store, they also have the longest queues and largest basket sizes per shopper. Very common shopping destination for monthly shopping.

I am sure they currently have more revenue compared to Quickmart and the current Tuskys. On revenue basis I would rank them as follows

  1. Naivas. “The supermarket retail expert added that Naivas’ network of 62 stores generates annual revenue of between 50 and 60bn Kenyan shillings (€436 to €523m).” - Kenya’s Naivas: Setting up shop for foreign investors - The Africa
  2. Carrefour
  3. Quickmart
  4. Chandarana

shopkeepers mtaani lost 18 billion to one supermarket chain with 7 stores…

And yet none of these are as well-stocked as Nakumatt. Sigh. They really meant it when they said you need it, you got it. Carrefour doesn’t even come close.

Strange that a town and county HQ had only one SM that was not profitable.

Too strange to comprehend…