Top 3 Tribalists in KenyaTalk

KenyaTalk is a useful tool, whereby folks from all backgrounds, religions, cultures and races congregate and engage in meaningful discourse. We share valuable information, ideas and suggestions with one another anonymously.

It’s unfortunate however that some three rectums have decided abuse this privilege by attempting to turn the forum into a tribalist circus;

  1. @patco - The most notorious tribalist in KenyaTalk. His account(s) were suspended but expect the cow to make a comeback.

  1. @FieldMarshal CouchP - A demented octogenarian fool who wasted his formative years imbibing MURATINA as his age mates were busy grabbing land and looting public coffers. Instead of sharing wisdom and educating the next generation, the fool takes every opportunity to abuse Luos. Mzee bure kabisa mshenzi.

  1. @sludgist / @Sokwe mtu - An illiterate chang’aa addicted pig. Nothing to write home about. Just a useless drop of sperm.

How did I not make it to that list. Na vyenye sifuchangi ukweli

As I said majority of us Kenyans 99.99% are tribal. Those who you have mentioned are the only ones with guts to come out as such and reveal themselves. The rest try to hide and pretend. And that is why our elections are by nature ethnic census


But weren’t you @patco 's lawyer?

Maybe it’s coz Kenya isn’t a nation but a conglomerate of nations.

The British created a nation they named Kenya. We are yet to create Kenyans. We can still do it.

:D:D:D:D wacha copy paste za twitter

Primary school history, ndugu.

@Finest wine
@Jaluo Jaraha
These are Kikuyu hating scum

Deep down, tribal ferkers are people with very low self esteem.

There has never been anything called Kenya. It is a British creation. Kenya is made up of many nations/ethnicities and that is why ethnic based federation is good for it

@Mrs. Chantel


you are a nobody in ktalk mafii ya umbwa ilikufa kwa ukimwi last year but 4.

90% of talkers have blocked your nonsense

Yawa! Sasa Mimi nimefanya nini yet njaruo orangutans are some of my best friends?

Shida inakuwanga tuu they are “muhdick” assos…

Ok…I add @makamasi to the list even tho he’s not really tribal… He’s just a paid kk agent. :smiley:

We are all tribalist though the degree varies