I tend to think that he over-relied on the “system” and it made him overconfident this time round. Woe unto him, his competitor was very meticulous and ruthless, leaving nothing to chance. For instance, how the hell did Baba allow Form 34A Books 2 of 2 to be printed in Greece? How?? Koome made it clear today that SCOK couldn’t find discrepancies between physical 34As and those on the portal. However, the sampling recently ordered by SCOK found that Books 2 were indeed used, despite assurances by IEBC in July that it wouldn’t be the case, that they would be left unused in tamper-proof envelopes bla bla bla. Even a Class 4 kid can easily deduce that Books 2 could be easily used to cook results where necessary!

His campaign secretariat was also not as strong as previous campaigns. NASA 2017 had a very elaborate team of agents across the board. 2022 you could see so many areas with lack of evidence of Azimio agents. There were even murmurs of agents going unpaid. Well, these were the agents meant to protect the votes or at the very least, provide the solid evidence for the SCOK petition, which Koome clearly stated lacked support.


If he had kept Weta and MaDVD in his fold, the vote rich Western block would still be his, especially Bungoma, which Weta delivered for Ruto. With Western (as had voted for him in 2017) and Ukambani on his side, Ruto had no chance!

Ruto was quick to make this calculation and seized it at the beginning of the year, even though he didn’t succeed with Kalonzo.


How naïve was Baba to take lightly Ruto’s close relationship with Chebukati? It was an open secret that the two were pretty cozy, especially since it was Ruto who saved Chebukati’s job, after the last IEBC fallout.

Baba should have used the handshake to reengineer IEBC reforms, including top leadership. But he didn’t. Left it to the “system.” In as much as Ruto was sidelined after the handshake eg from Cabinet, critical committees etc, he was still second in command and I think he cleverly crafted out his own network for 2022, with tentacles spreading all over the country. He could still place a call anywhere in this Republic, as DP, and get things done.

I remember reading Peeling Back the Mask by Miguna exactly 10 years ago. Miguna explained some key weaknesses of Baba, some of which have been replicated in 2022.

Fare thee well Baba. Time to move on, especially in Luo Nyanza!

Methinks Chebukati should be congratulated for running a very transparent election.
If baba had taken care of the other points that you have raised, we’d all be congratulating Chebukati for running one of the most transparent elections so far

RAO is a fool. after 2017 he should have made sure chebukati leaves office.

fronting cows like Junet as your confidants and advisors was stupid

Wrong in all 3 arguments. Mudavadi has only ever partially been with Raila. How did you expect him to be 100% this time. Bungoma is UDA zone. Even with Weta and Mudavadi, it still would have voted UDA. Almost 50% of the vote is in Kenya with 2 tribes. So anyone running from a different tribe is the equivalent of a sprinter being placed 10m behind the starting line at the beginning of a race. Even Usain Bolt couldn’t win. You can blame Chebukati, but also forward the evidence he rigged the election.

Jaluo jeuri imedanganya young luos vile ako na main card ya Gold kumbe ni omba omba card.

Junet as advisor. Bado siamini

Poor turnout in his perceived stronghold.

Protect his votes from what really? Were his votes stolen? Scrutiny discounted that conspiracy. Raila got all his votes as voted at the polling stations.

But azimio lawyers were unable to…

Ama wako PP1 na 2:D:D:D:D

Has anyone stopped and pondered that RAO may be part of the long con on Kenyans? Just check who stands to gain in a this madness. Ruto gains, Uhuru gains, RAO gains mkenya ndio anabebea hao watu wore mzigo.

Junet and Joho are super dumb politicians.

or Raila could have done everything right but Ruto was just too strong , it wasn’t a must ashinde bana

So in your books someone who has been an MP for close to 20years na ule amekuwa MP, gavana na businessman for over 39 years ni wajinga? Okay. Mungu anakuona.

They aren’t good strategists is all am saying.

My thoughts too. His strategies are just upside down! Madharau na pang’ang’a mingi.

Baba’s votes were not stolen. This bs about protecting votes implies he had them to begin with.

The only way raila could have protected his votes is by keeping ruto out of all his strongholds. Western, coast… all.

And ensuring his base was excited enough to turn out in large numbers.

There is nothing Raila would have done that could have altered the outcome, nothing whatsoever.
The people’s vote (both real and false ones), systems, the IECB and the Judges, may have defeated him, in the eyes of simple mortals but I don’t think he can be defeated, me think he is very brave to take on the minions.

Lets see if the minions will be able to design and construct the spaceships they have promised, and cub their uncontrollable craving for fruit.

Mngemwambia hii yote kabla aende petition

Yaani kila mtu anaruka Baba?

Railas greed and stinginess just caught up with him,this time , nothing new.

Unfortunately for him,this time round,the people he took for granted saw through his selfishness,greed and miserly and punished him brutally for it.

After imposing his idiots in elective positions in luo nyanza,he had the temerity of insulting the dissenting voices that they are stupid like their mothers…at a funeral nevertheless…just shows the level of contempt he has for his core constituents and the level of entitlement…well,the ‘fools’ and their stupid mother’s didn’t turn out to vote for him… imagine around 736,000 registered voters in luo nyanza stayed away in protest…half of that number could have given him the victory.

Jambazi sugu handled his party primaries like a pro…save for Alfred keter…and his core constituency did not dissapoint him.

Within a month the spineless kalonzo and the meticulous oparanya will be lured from him…and us luos are going to be taken to the unspoken bickering between north- central and south nyanza… basically raila kwinished.