Tooth Filling

One of my Pre-Molar cracked more than five years ago, recently i have realized that the crack may be deepening.
Doctors here should i have tooth filling? I would also like to know if the crack will crease to expand?
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Following closely

Of course it should be filled

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Molars dental, electricity house, root canal 9k cash, 10.5k insurance…filling kaulizie

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Apparently nimefanyiwa permanent filling Leo. Had a root canal done a while back and a temporary filling was used. The whole operation costed me just 7k. 3500 for temporary and 3500 a week later for the permanent filling. Mine started as a cavity, which later deepened resulting to a serious toothache I couldn’t even sleep. Prevention is better than cure. All the best

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What does the dentist advise?

I am yet to visit a dentist

asking for a fiend: contacts?

It was done in Ruiru town. Smile-line dental clinic. Doctor’s Plaza 0721445997/0724676725

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munch obliged!

Niko na jubilee insurance medical card. Nataka teeth whitening . lazima nirudi kwa mfuko bado to pay cash?

Ni uchungu? I fear visiting the dentist juu ya izo masindano kubwa na nono

Fika hapo uulizie

Hapana. You will feel nothing. The real pain is from the toothache that takes you there. Kuna time nilikuwa nasimamisha gari kwa highway juu ya kuumwa na meno.

Very expensive Enda pale karibu na starehe boys kuna hosi ya Catholic.
Cheaper options Ziko mob Sana.

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Pale park road pia iko
Very cheap.

Yes, you must have tooth filling. I mean teeth problems are something very serious and make sure you fix the problem as soon as possible in order to avoid teeth pain and other unnecessary problems. I also had such a problem, and I waited too long and this was not a good idea. Now, my dentist helped me to fix the problem and I understood that the fastest we resolve the problem the better it is. By the way, if you need a dentist, I think you could appeal to one of the best dentistry in Lake County, Ohio, so if you are interested, make sure you check the link above.

You are right my friend. Teeth problems is something very serious, and we must fix them as soon as possible.