Too posh to push

Five months pregnant now.Fear written all over her face.she choose Ceserean way of giving birth.
The normal way she terms it as painful more so effect of normal labour which reduces quality of sexual functioning.
Just to avoid the pain of childbirth i think its being too posh.The pain of childbirth should be experienced ndio hata mtu ajue maana ya mtoto.

Wewe umepush wangapi?

Hakuna epidural huko ulipo ? It works like magic whenever it comes to delivering.

Needle used can hit a nerve causing nerve damage.Its rare though.

kuna vitu kama anal fistula amejiondolea,hautataka saa zile unatomba alafu ikus inanuka meffi,ama aanze kukojoa hio mefii.kama anaogopa maybe its for the best.

Mimi niliacha bibi aamue . MTU amebeba 9 months na bado umupatie stress , hapana

mukiha wewe ni Maragoli ya Mbale ama Sabatia?

bibi mgani ule wa huko ocha ama huyu wa jiji ?

Ungetafuta NHIF mapema .

Don’t think it can cover Elective C-section

Naona mfuko imeanza kulalamika. Mambo bado. The special care needed after CS will cost you a similar amount.

It’s a lucrative business for doctors ! Kisha wanna zaa two children !
Our mothers had 8 through normal delivery !

my doctor’s bill for cs was 96,000. and that day he did 4 of them. the next day he told us he has 2 to do and the day after another 3. when he walked out tuliangaliana tu na mama 1777.

Niliona @dr.n pia ni obstetrician huku

Its not about fear or being too posh. Maternal instincts usually overcome that. Its because hataki coomer ipanuke juu ya kuzaa. Now you know.

Usiseme hivyo. Women’s pelvises are becoming narrower these days due to evolution with the changes in lifestyle. I know a couple who gave themselves pressure to deliver naturally; their kid got stuck in the birth canal for too long and his oxygen supply was cut off. He was born with cerebral palsy. He’s two years old but looks like an infant of 6 months. C sections save lives.

Thanks, didn’t have that info !
Think I must research in this

pelvis ni kuma?

Pelvis ni skeletal structure yenye inasupport matumbo na organs za huko chini. You can imagine if that circular opening is small, a kid can get stuck in there.


na huwa ndogo kwa nini,nikutofanyiwa pekenjeng kwa wingi ama?