Too much to bear:Another Warunge?

Lakini horror movies si poa. Even in true crime movies they don’t show the gory side of the story. I have watched every thing about Jeffery Dahmer and I never felt affected until I saw something by the media where they show actual limbs and heads being brought out of his apartment in Milwaukee nikastuka sana coz it wasn’t real to me bcz all the movies don’t show anything gory, it’s just implied. Horror shows everything and worse. Not good. Personally I don’t watch horror movies bcz of the gory stuff. It’s not like true crime where they never show any gory stuff. Myself, I don’t watch horror movies other than those with religious themes like exorcisms, hizi za akina saw are not good at all. Avoid them especially younger people. Also violent movies si poa. Kenyan justice system is a joke why release someone who has killed twice?