Too many white butterflies in the city

What is happening?

Not just in Nairobi. Iwas in Taveta yesterday and travelled through Loitokitok to Kajiado and all along the way they are all over. Gari injaa splutters kwa grill na windscreen


Kuna bonge la drought inakuja


Been seeing them since last week as well. Wazee wanasema Iko kiangazi kubwa loading

They are looking for water, so drought inasija style ya noma.


Blessings from above

Zifuate ukule asali


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Ala. So these things are everywhere. Been seeing 10s of thousands every day in open fields. Quite a scenery especially with a green background and a clear sky.

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Even in Rift valley. Zataga mayai kiholela on transit so ziki hatch, caterpillars zitaharibu mimea shambani.


They were in their trillions a few days ago in my region lakini ni kama zimepungua kiasi. I read somewhere that they are migrating to Mozambique.

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Seems it is all over the country. Hata huku Laikipia zimejaa. We have them every year and they all move in one direction.

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They seem to be heading North, sio South

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May be depends on where you are. Zote zenye nimeona zinaenda North to South. Let’s hope hii si biashara ya mtu inaiva atuletee madawa za herbicides ama mega tender ya kuua caterpillars next year. This is still Kenya no coincidences.


Pia kitale zzipo

Mi naona zinaenda south east banae SI north na ziko kibao

Hata mimi nimeona ni kama zinaenda SE.

True… I remember in the year 1984 there were so many white butterflies all over then what followed ilikuwa drought na njaa ingine kali sana. Donors had to intervene na that yellow flour people were calling ‘kaserikali’

Hapa they have been heading a southerly direction