Too Many Sensors In Modern Cars

Mara sijui rain sensor mara oxygen sensor. Parking radar. These are the types of cars ikiharibikia ocha ni shida tupu.

Inaitwa technology…too much of it sio poa. Kwanza hizo sensor za kuwaka kwa side mirror kukiwa na gari on your blind spot. What if it fails and you merge into the next car? Most people am sure hawaangalii hata kioo coz wanategemea hiyo sensor for judgements

Most of these sensors zikifail, gari inarudi default settings. You can pretty much ignore them when they fail.

For example, backup camera ikifail, tumia shingo na side mirrors na middle mirror.

Cruise control radar ikifail, tumia miguu kwa accelerator.

Wiper sensor ikifail, tumia kidole kuwakisha. Same with auto lights

And so on…

It seems nobody trusts the human.

I traded in my old 2007 j120 with a 2014 Forester, in November last year, n I think I did a very big Mishtake(Dj Afro).

Problem is those errors will keep popping up on the dashboard. Others will start beeping every now and then like the unfastened seatbelt beeps that are meant to annoy.

Yeah I see your point. So long as safety isn’t comprised and the car largely functions as it should, I say ignore those sensors.

Why did you trade it in??

Have you experienced this on a vehicle? If so, which one and what was messed??

When most sensors fail, you may get a light on the dash. But stuff like beeping or high pitched sound its normally one of the following:

  1. You have exited your car with the lights on
  2. You have exited the car and not put it in Park
  3. Seatbelts.
  4. Alot of cars beep when reversing
  5. Open door when starting the car

But even when these fail, its more likely that they will remain silent and not work when they are ment to.

I was tired of the rig, I wanted a car like experience, I thought I was upgrading. Little did I know

I need a car that has a bonobo sensor, peasant sensor etc.

Toyota 100, 110, Nissan B15

Shida ya Fozzie ni nini? eye sight shit? cruise control? power steering yenye itafail soon?

Noticeably high Oil consumption, Turbo issues-Did replacement, Suspension issues, did modification, Some bits of electrical systems failure a car of that age shouldn’t be getting. Even a simple issue with the car track system will prevent the car from starting. Check engine light has been up more often than the Old rig that I traded in it with.

Thats interesting. I thought hizi forresters are reliable na bila shida nyingi

I took someone’s land cruiser v8 for minor bumper repair and the mwarabu suggested we should just do a facelift with the latest model bumper since they are all compatible. After one week kuendea gari those niggas forgot to fix back parking sensors turning on the vehicle it was all screaming and beeping. They had to undo alot of plastic covers to get to it fixed . Again u see the shinny glass Toyota emblem on the grill that’s where the radar sensor is wakasau kuiconnect. The whole dashboard and infoentataiment screens were all blinking. Radar malfunction, assistive braking malfunction,lane departure malfunction, cruise control malfunction. Visit your dealer soon. Yaani ata music huezi enjoy coz the Japanese lady keeps talking after every 5mins or so

Forester za siku izi ni bure kabisa. A BMW x3 would have served u better to be honest.

This must have been a high mileage unit @Demakuvu right?

At the point of purchase, I Confirmed it was clocking 114k mileage at Verify QISJ Mileage - Vehicle inspections by QISJ
Is it High, Medium or low? According to Kenyan standards

Thats not high. The previous owner probably drove it hard being a turbo