Too many questions here.

So many specials…Grace to Grass right there.


That back seat, from nairobi to kakamega one will be too tired, six people

the company is very much operational.hizi ni zile buses KZG na kurudi nyuma.the company downsized their fleet due to competition from upcoming bus companies eg climax matunda bus (now Nairobi bus) and other companies plying the route.The bodies of older buses are refurbished and fitted to new chassis and some are sold to other companied juu ya quality of the bodies.
wenye wanasema EEBS is dead endeni machakos airport and observe the number of buses ferrying passengers per day…

It’s not about curses my friend. The kikuyus used to love the busses such that no competition could successfully sprout. After the incident akina north rift shuttle and others sprouted exponentially forcing eldoret express to their. Even now I don’t know who they ferry coz many kyuks dislike them.

Sweden Special =} Scania F330
Japan Special =} Isuzu

I thought North Rift Co. belongs to a Kiuk anaishi pale Elgon View-Eldy. But individual investors are welcome to have their vehicles operate under the sacco.

Powerful and MIA scania F330 aka gear nane

True but flourished after the collapse of the busses.

kuna MAN special pia…a triaxle MAN bus

Those are new entrants. I believe he was mentioning what is in the picture.
I believe they are making a comeback

The owner is alive and kicking, he lives in Pango, near shopping center. Huyo mzae hauwezi muingiza box juu ya biz ya transport, he used to drive his buses during the days Eldoret express was King. He’s reviving the business, I’ve seen a couple of new Scania and MAN buses on the road already.

True, pia nimeona VW moja hapo karibu na Mosque ya Westlands.
Sasa atupatie German/Germany Special

kwa mabasi achieni scania hio much info on Mercedes ones but kuna units KVM yaundwa for unspecified company .Let’s wait and see how they perfoam in our highways

Inaonekana hujabebwa na dar express hizo body zao zinaundwa na Marco Polo brand hizo ni mercedes Noma Sana at least 2014 venye nilibebwa last.

zote ziko na engine za scania

if this is true, i wouldn’t give a hoot if someone threw a few molotov cocktails in that yard…