Too many questions here.

This is clearly a wasted space of these buses. What are they planning to do with them? Is he paying rent for the space? Why did he buy all these and end up duping them?
Mbirrionaires saidia hapa.

Walai hizo scrap zinaweza nitoa kwa umaskini na gear 5. Ni wapi huko mkuu?

hapo muthurwa

Kama huna za lodging, wasee hujisort hapa

Lazima wamezikula tayari ni body tu imebakia.

hehe, that’s cursing the business

Some innovative cunt can turn these into mini restaurants, clinics, shops etc

What business? These are grounded buses.
Rumours had it some sons of the owners waliachiwa some significant shares, wakaponda mali kweli kweli.

My heart bleeds seeing such investments going to waste because of irresponsible children.

Kizungu ni ngumu :D:D:D

:smiley: owada

If each bus was sold for a mil he would make 40m in approximation

hii ni waste,navile eldoret express used to rule the roads back in the day

from the WWW>>>>>>
During the post-election violence of 2007-2008, a group of prominent and wealthy Kikuyus from Central Kenya came together to fund-raise to help their trapped kith and kin who were being massacred in the North Rift by the Kalenjin warriors. They approached the owner of the Eldoret Express Bus company, a Kikuyu mogul who had successfully monopolised the Nairobi-Nakuru-Eldoret-Kitale route for many years. (I will not bore you with stories about this bus company.)

“The owner of the bus told them he was going to charge them KSh2000 for every Kikuyu that entered his buses from Eldoret to Nakuru – a distance of 150km. This amount per head meant that if a woman had seven children, the bus company would charge her a total of KSh16,000 (the equivalent of US$160), irrespective of the age or size of each child. The organisers of this ‘bus lift’ reckoned that once they were able to bring their people to Nakuru town, they would be on safer ground and out of danger. But the bus owner did not see it that way. He saw a business opportunity in the midst of blood and death of fellow Kikuyus. The organisers of this clandestine manoeuvre pleaded with him to listen to his philanthropic heart. They told him the money they had collected was for fuel only. No more. He told them to take a walk – and they did.

“A couple of years later, when one of the architects of this scheme spoke to me, it was with a lot of angst and pain over the bus company owner’s behaviour. ‘On principle we told him we would not give him the money he was asking for and reminded him that it was extortion. Of course, other groups opted for the extortion, for whatever reasons,’ said the prominent wealthy Kikuyu. Several months after the post-election violence, the bus company, which had a 500-plus fleet of buses, collapsed. To date, it remains collapsed. The owner has been trying to resuscitate the fleet, but many of his buses are still grounded in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kitale.

“How could have the company have survived after the owner affirmed that what drives his existence is money, money and more money? You can imagine how many Kikuyus cursed him and his buses. I will be frank with you, I cursed him too. That act of this bus tycoon made me introspect and that is when it occurred to me that we the Kikuyus had lost it a long time ago. Kikuyus are callous and cold, and we just do not care for anything else other than primitive accumulation of cash.”

More reading for the anti uthamaki group >>>>

laikini hio parking skill ni noma sana

Sweden Special

back in the day we used to pay 350/= hadi Eldoret na hizi buses. fare thee well Eldoret Express

Sometimes this family businesses overstay their family time, unless one is blessed with a very good family at times its just good to open up the biashara to outsiders, that way you secure an almost guaranteed income for several generations.

I see the same happening especially in kiambu with the families that own high value real estate, once the mzee goes, or gets to some age the kids just mess up the wealth, and the funny thing is that most of the kids are abroad, they sell the land and go do whatever they do huko majuu.

The same thing played to out to some extent with nakuru mattress, the old mzee just refused to give up the biashara, and the kids turned out to be extreme consumers



I really don’t understand. Why can’t they ‘cannibalise’ some to ‘awaken’ others? Those right there are like 50 buses and I am sure a good mech can kill10 and raise 40 from the dead?