Too many ads here

This site has far too many ads- Too spamy and boring but good conversations.

Also resetting password was trouble to me I had to wait for email for almost 10 minutes.

Most of us are used to reset with text

Anyways great to be here I just realised I opened my account in 2016

Is this the Real Nyakundi ama impersonator?

It’s @uwesmake formally @LIEN the attention whore



Seriously. Nimevamiwa na ADs…don’t know how to manage them…:rolleyes:

Jamaa nowadays umetulia, i remember 2017 ulikuwa jack of all trades, from boychild president to social media number one kenyan influencer

Download Brave browser ama Firefox then tafuta AdBlock extension.

Sirikali ilifanya yeye kidogo akatulia