Tony Soprano on nywele ngumu mediocrity

Go take off your panties for him. I’ll pay.

He died like 10 years ago

What about the uncle Ben grave ?

This will give proper context

Stop twisting his message to suit your narrative, a crack head is a crack head thanks to the FBI and CIA

White Americans: my great great grandpa came to america with three dollars in his pockets

Black american: my great great grandpa came to america…

Wewe ni mjinga wa mwisho,only chokosh like you should take your words seriously.
You are the lowest in the chokosh cadre

Be original bwana, najua ulinyimwa akili ukapewa shonde lakini mwanaumme ni kujikakamua…also listen to Immortal Technique on Peruvian Cocaine blalfekin wewe.

My third best mafia movie actor of all time after Marlon Brando and Al Pacino of the The Godfather…