Tony Airo

I love his products. Love em. Love em. I wish Kenyan men could be like him.

Wacha nipeane testimonial to ladies about this guys products. I am always being asked if my hair is weave. I had issues with hair line and back of the scalp. My hair is long and thick but those 2 problem areas. I used this guy’s product based on recommendations by my beautician. His products are very good. People don’t believe its my hair. Even my own mother keeps asking me if my hair is a weave. My boss who is a woman is like wow your hair is so healthy and has alot of body. So I am doing free advertising for Tony Airo. Please try his products and do not mix. Use the entire line. Shampoo, conditioner, treatment and you will see the difference. Naturally my hair is alot and it grows very fast. But I had alot of breakage and trouble spots. I have to say his products helped. So please try ladies.

Hebu post nywele zako za fudhi tuone kama ni real ndio tuamini.