Tonto Dike husband leaves her for his personal assistant after she helped him climb the ladder

Yep another famous masculine woman who helped a feminine man up the ladder gets dumped for a feminine woman of lower Cadre, his personal assistant. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, famous and wealthy you are, this story of being the man in the relationship and taking care of men always ends the same way. Let’s Gerrit from the horse’s mouth ladies. Let’s learn from the mistakes of others.

@Purple come see what happens to women who pay for their own dowry and weddings and move men into their houses. Desperate women. I don’t know why but I still feel sorry for them in spite of the fact that they know what happens when a woman takes the role of the pursuer and the provider which is a man’s role and they still think that they will be the exception. The humiliation of providing for a man, helping him marry you and all that masculine role then he leaves you with children for what would be considered a lesser woman is not easy. It is a bitter pill but since women were cursed with men all we can do is give them pole once they face the inevitable. If you as a woman can’t find a man who is of your standard just stay bcz surely all this drama and pain isn’t necessary just to be seen to have a husband. You can be single and maintain your dignity and your peace of mind. You can just imagine how bitter this lady is feeling but had you told her that her marriage was doomed from the beginning bcz she was playing the role of the man she would have rebuked you that humtaki mazuri and that life is too sweet being loved when actually the man was just using her to get ahead. So painful.

Eh. Ladies keep on marrying yourselves.These men will show you dust. Yaani ujilipie dowry, ulipie harusi mpaka nguo za bridegroom. Move the man into your house which he never helped you to buy. Women can be so desperate sometimes.

So kunguru inafuga mwanaume this now pure drama its true mwanaume hawezi kuwa na freedom kama ameekwa na mwanamke utafeel tu dignity yako imekuwa lowered ata kama unampenda aje utarealize later hakuna mapenzi ilikuwa hapo and thats when you move out peacefully but hurting your so called wife this is the result but i believe that marriage is all about respect and maturity pesa na utajiri its just marriage blessings and should not be taken so much into account

So this lady paid for over 1000 guests wedding plus even the outfits. This man looks like a con even in the wedding.

Kumbe yahoo Boys use juju to get money from Western women? I used to wonder how a woman can send a man she only chats with online so much money kumbe they are doing rituals while chatting with you online. That is what she found her husband doing with red candles and tying a red clothe on laptop. Heh. Dunia ina mambo.

Tell them. Me I was told a long time ago by a man that ukitaka a man who loves you to despise you start paying for bills he should be paying. Mapenzi itaisha very fast. Monogamy works in favor for low status men. If it was back in the days of polygamy she’d just be a wife to a royal chief and forget about this nonsense of paying for her own wedding and everything coz she’s with a man who is not capable of keeping her at a standard she’s used to. My great grandfather had 16 wives all kept better than the paupers with one wife and a few kids.

Kunguru pesa na mapenzi those are three different things

Mimi if a woman stands by me and builds me into something better siwezi muacha.

As long as she is remaining humble and submissive sina noma. Some ladies build you and then proceed to break your ego.

To feel like a man inabidi you start fuccking a woman that worships you.

This is literally hi-tech witchraft:D

Wewe mchawi ebu stop mentioning me in all your delusional threads. What are you even talking about? I paid my own dowry? What is a work mule?? Dusty? Gosh! No wonder you are single nani anaweza oa mtu kama wewe? Muguruki kabisa. You are mad. In which universe does an engineer and doctor end up broke? For the record we are professionals, in the top 1% US income. And what’s up with all these YouTube videos, jeez si utafika mwisho wa u-tube then what you going to do with all your free time? Feed stray cats? :D:D