Tonsil Stones


I cough and these things come out
i fucken hate them
Been trying to get rid of them since i-cant-remember

… Io ni ukimwi na iko juu it’s not even funny see a doctor a ASAP if symptoms persist pata uushurui wa Manganga.

kuwa serious

Somebody has been sucking too much dick

Enda hospitali lakini before that uweke tip za betting.

@Luther12 saidia

hawa watu hapa juu wana tapa tapa tu, hawalijui lolote

That shit smell like hell

Just gaggle warm water with salt twice a day. Works wonders

My problem is, whenever I take cold stuff, my tonsil get swollen. I can’t even enjoy ice cream in peace.

That was me as a child pathetic life it was.

Have had mine since childhood to. I have to warm everything I take, else tonsil .

they smell so bad cause nasty breath take antibiotics and gurgle water and salt .If they persist like in your case see an ent (ear nose and throat )doc

antibiotics… and you finish them