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It’s upto bonobos to chagua what they want to be associated with…either hayo maneno … or whatever is below ? …currently ignorant fools want to be associated with whatever is below…they are too brainwashed to realize their worth…


We are bad, but not to this level. These articles must have been published by individuals who passionately hate the black race, colonialists to say the least

Other races beats us in terms of creativity, out of box thinking. The introduction of western education to Africa gave us a chance to catch up with the rest of the world, however, we will never match the whites in terms of creativity, innovation, inventions etc, at best we can fully master how to use their already created systems. And for that, we always come a distant follower in regard to usage

lakini …si You also hate negroes …Jana you had a post saying negroes are useless unlike basungu…didn’t you ?

Anyways …here’s a summarized list of inventions.[SIZE=7]…Africans should wake up[/SIZE]



You don’t know what you are saying… Yes they beat us lakini , unajua kitu inaitwa slavery , colonisation and neo colonisation… Since 1000Ad to today Africa has been invaded by Arabs and Europeans …in an invasion , huwezijipea maendeleao…ama namna gaji my fren ?

You also realize that almost everybody got their knowledge from Egypt…

Do you also realise (moors) Africans colonised Spain for 600 years… Before this basungu didn’t even know how to shower …