Tomorrow Uhuru Facebook livechat Sunday 30th at 7:30 PM

Tribalism will finish our country. Was shocked our president wrote on facebook that tomorrow he will have livechat with Kenyans at 7:30Pm. Checking on various comments I just asked my self "Do Kenyans thinks before they write or write before thinking? " Most people are saying they will be in Church. Kenyans must mature politically and embrace a reading culture.
Does it means we have been infected with this propaganda disease by NASA people such that we can’t see fact? I think tribalism and power hungriness have made Kenyan youths mostly NASA supporter to be “blind”

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Hehe…i wanted to post about this too…they did not even bother kusoma ati ni PM not AM.
Ona mwingine kwa page ya IEBC
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mt kenya people are the biggest tribalists on the face of earth! how did they know that RAO will never be president? definitely bcoz of his tribe! TODAY, THE POT CALLED THE KETTLE BLACK. You need to soul serach and reflect on who really are blind. tumbilee supporters are blinded by tribe!