Tomorrow Is Sunday... na Siendi Church!


And break my 29 year record? Hell no! I’ve come so far.

Well regarding the mosque, we go five times a day if possible , sijui about Sunday:)


Not likely

Can’t remember last time i was in church

Engineer hapan tankanya

I got tired of being lied to and since am not a whining person, the solution I reached was to stop attending.

Whether or not you go to church Mungu anabaki kuwa Mungu. Understandably the state of today’s churches leaves a lot to be desired. Pray and ask God to reveal Himself to you and direct you to a bible believing church.

It’s almost impossible to come across a church like that you’ve described.

Just go to a simple main stream church

How would you know?


Hehehehe, Now this is hilarious.

They are there. The fact that there’s a counterfeit should let you know that an original exists somewhere.