Tomato juice arrested


I read a story here about a Kenyan man arrested down uchago. For making his own brand of tomato juice. This guy does not need to be arrested. I think we should Start a go-fund for him, With the aim of getting him the right paperwork and equipment in exchange of some share in the business.

imagine how much we can disrupt the formidable companies in the market, if we all supported a Kenyan Brand

Nothing ventured. Nothing gained


That man deserves more than jail…

kama ni ile video najuwa ,that chap was making sauce in a very dirty environment , using all sorts of concoctions , zero tomatoes and with fake KEBS stickers , dude belongs behind bars in the prison kitchen!

Shineyes wa Nakuru and Naivasha are leading in innovation of fake products that mimic the real deal, i rem once kuna wale walikuwa wanatengeneza Yoghturt bila maziwa… chemikals tupu. and that is why i cant buy maziwa ya ATM hizo vitu zimejaa chemikali

First of All I do not know the background of the story. I thought he was legit and needed guidance. I do not condone cutting corners with the Ingredients. I thought the guy was just trying a start up.

those yogurt guys were even using henna as an ingredient ! hizo chakula za njiani is a big no

That is why numerous licenses and inspections from kebs, public health, nema, kra etc are required to safeguard Kenyans health from such crooks.

If its the naikuru ninja ata asikubaliwe kuingia jikoni ya kamiti

Hii ndio madhara ya kusoma Sana na hakuna kazi. Hiyo masomo itatumika Kwa ukora.
Nyasaye atulinde.

I once bought some brand of yoghurt kwa supermarket and drunk a glass full in the evening.The following two days I developed pimples and a lump in my right breast.Made me think of the chemicals in that milk.

Ungenyamaza tu, man boonies are a no no

Churchill comedians should get content from ktalk, hiyo proposal na rebuttal ya ‘prison kitchen’ has made my night. Kali sana lol.

usiwekelee maziwa wewe , hio ni syphillis mkubwa…get that checked…

I think you were pregnant.

Wacha ufala. Magojwa hazieleweki zinaendelea kuwafagia na bado unataka wakora waendelee kutengeza vitu hazijahidhinishwa? Na mkikufa mnaanza kulia lia?
huyo mkora afaa afungwe miaka kumi jela.

The guy deserves time in prison. That’s why we have a ploriferation of cancer and other maladies in our country. People feeding on toxic chemicals.