Tom Mboya is the Only great Kenyan Leader we have ever had, Period.

Ati Matiba, sijui Rubia, Raila, Martin Shikuku, Kibaki, arap Moi. Non can compare to this legend even by half. Jomo Kenyatta never wished us any good


Ni kuma umekosa?

We toa story ya Nyaps hapa. Tunajenga Taifa

Na sentensi mbili? Get busy

Can u substantiate your argument

Read read read, Kenya’s history is too young and recent

Mjukuu mkuu wa Tomboya, my grandfather voted for your fucking great grandfather twice. Tuliza mkundu!!! Sawa?

Matiba alikua mfisadi mkubwa sana akiwa pale Breweries, time za Outward Bound Mountain School, Oloitoktok

C’mon … no doubt he was a great leader but you gotta give us more than that .

Akina Matiba and the likes of Rubia, May They RIP. Made their money while in G.o.K, placing them in the same league as the Kenyatta’s, Moi’s, Biwott’s, Odinga’s , Ruto’s, Nyachae’s, waKibaki, and other wealthy political families.
One thing that i always miss, is how our Luo brothers never got obsessed with land ?

there is a reason why the internet exists.

The kennedy airlift.

He was just a puppet to neutralize the great Jaramogi and when he was done, his masters silenced him.

Wewe ni mkundu ya nyani

Tom Mboya was killed a day like this. The Government doesn’t even mention that. Our government hates bright leaders. No one can survive the political leadership with a progressive mind. Long live TJ