Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" series

So its a Friday and I realize people are unsettled in the office. Whether its the traffic jams increase due to lines at the petrol stations or people have salary to burn. Either way I tell everyone unless they have pending work they can go home after lunch as I intend to do the same. Last month has been good to us. So I get home to watch some TV as I lazy about. This series has great ratings and they are right. It reminds me of one movie by the same author “The sum of all fears”. The only thing here at least is that it shows clearly that the usa drone strikes causes a lot of innocent civilian deaths. Those who survive become radicalised and they spend the rest of their lives planning to hit back. Of the 1000 drone strikes a year, each could have a dozen civilians who survived the horror. Thats 10,000 potential terrorist with a powerful rage to fulfill their revenge. In ten years that’s 100,000 people. That’s a large army of terrorist even before they even recruit at least 1 person.

Nakumbuka nilipeleka mrembo The Sum of all Fears hapo Kenya Cinema, instead of a chic flick.

Good man always pick the movie.

I loved Clancy’s book and movie ‘The Hunt For Red October’… very nice

jaribu Condor pia…

I’ve watched it a hundred times but the book is better.

read the books, couldn’t finish the first jack ryan movie i tried…there was simply no tempo to keep my heart pulsating…[SIZE=1]and i don’t understand when americans speak:D[/SIZE]

The first episode was good, the second to fourth had too much intertwined plots and drama. The last episodes was well done. I will keep watching it as well when season two drops.

True, books always tend to be better… btw speaking of submarine movies, another one I loved was Crimson Tide… that was sweet

Read Clancy’s books at once with no breaks. If you are the chapter to chapter reader then you will tire to finish. Save it for a lazy weekend. Yes the movies are more dramatic since they have to make money and please viewers

Hehe… si Americans ni watu wa kusema Kenyarra

I have tried reading several of Tom Clancy’s books nashidwa.
Mi hutaka kitu simple kama John Grisham

One of my favourite submarine movies is “U-571” Its twists, turns and dramatic end has made me watch it severally.

Yeah… I remember this one. I like the parts when the sub is at or near crush depth, and then you can hear it groaning slowly as the guys in the sub sweat… then all over sudden, something like a screw or something is disloged by the pressure and shoots into the sub… hehe

My friend that is now real pressure, when your life is on the brink of painful death with every second that goes by…wacha hii ya watu ati wamepoteza pesa kwa betting.

K-19 is another good movie. This days a lot of Hollywood movies are more action stunts than acting. For example I stopped watching fast and furious.

hehe… its real pressure in both senses of the word

good series watched it last weekend.this weekend ni iron fist season 2

I would rather wear my sport shoes, ride a bike or take a walk around the estates than sit for 90-120 minutes watching a TV screen.
But that’s just me.

Asante, I’ll try that. After this Jack Ryan series, the weekend TV watch bar has been raised to very high.