over the past few decades society has grown more tolerant of superficial things like choice of sex partners. Things like skin colour.

Society has however grown more intolerant of people who think differently.

We speak of diversity of skin colour, diversity of gender, but what about diversity of thought?

I’ve been reading a lot of bloggers/news broadcasters talking about how “offended” they were by words spoken or written by others. And I think the reason people get offended is they have a different opinion, and the sad fact is most people are not open to alternate opinions.

These days anyone with anything to lose cannot challenge the culture’s narrative. And I think that’s a terrible thing. Personally I’m unemployed and moreso this is an anonymous platform so people can whine and bitch about how offended they are until the cows come home, I won’t shed a tear.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I like being offended, coz it reminds me of the sensitivities still lurking in my brain.

Go get laid you cross eyed baboon or better call @PHARMACY akunyonye makende.

We haven’t grown tolerant of lgbt nonsense

Ghasiaa @Tauren siku hizi naona umekuwa a scholar of sorts. I’m proud of you son.Keep on awakening your Consciousness.The more elevated or purified our consciousness, the more penetrating our perception. Consciousness is the foundation of perception and understanding.

Ghasia unakapitia. We don’t have to wipe the floor with you to make you feel as if you’re a conqueror, enda mjei, chapa works, lipwa rwabe yako jioni enda home korofishana na bibi, eat some crappy dinner, sleep with your dick in your hand and let the cycle continue.