Tolerance or Closet Grinders ?

Guys, so today BBC News Africa posted on their Facebook page about the High Court upholding an earlier ruling on homosexuality.
That’s not it, what I noticed not just from the ensuing comments but from different forums/fora on the matter is amusing. Women tend to be more tolerant of homosexuality than men.
Is it because deep down women stare at each other’s bodies and admire each other ama ni affection tu na positivity within themselves ?

We don’t condone homosexual discussions in this kijiji. Ama as a mod nikutume auschwitz birkenau

Vile uncle amesema…

Oh yes women are predisposed to lesbian things that’s why it’s not a big deal for young ladies to bathe together or wash their backs with soap while the water slowly drips of their bodies.

I hate gay people, especially the because of the way that publicise their sex life. I’m a gay reporter, gay mayor, gay blah blah etc.
No body cares about your sex life. That’s what they should know. Live your bloody life.

Being gay haina shida. Wacha watu wajienjoy

Uncle akiogea mkutano unakwisha (THREAD CLOSED)

My friend alinichekesha siku moja. He was like I hate homos man. But really we should be mad at the lesbians. They’re the ones taking all the pussy

Nowadays I see his point. Wanasumbua. If you ever seen a girl trying to hit on the same girl you are. But she’s strictly lesbian… Not bi or anything. She’ll try all sorts of undermining bullshit. This female I know was butch lesbian. Wacha one day I’m talking to this girl. Kumbe they had something. And she starts putting pressure on the chick ati to pick. It’s either her or me. Upuss kabisa. And I had already smashed that mama throughly weeks before.


So kuliendaje finally? Ulinyang’anywa?

sisi watu straight huwa hatutangazi tunapenda kuma …mbona basi utangaze unapenda mboro ama mkush kila wakati

These kind of discussions can only be reserved for the likes of @Kodiaga in their gaay summit in holland or america. In Africa no. [SIZE=1]but @uwesmake loves trannies[/SIZE]

Ongea na @imei2012 akutombe msenge hii

How was the world homosexual summit mr,…er… Should i call you mr?

It will be a good while before this behavior is Socially Accepted in this Nation …



High Court ya wapi? Where is the link?

Mbwa wewe

Who gives a shit what others get up to behind closed doors? It’s a waste of time minding the relationships of people who sleep in the same bed. Live and let live.

Mkubwa, heri uweke zile rhino zako. Apana chafua mecho namna ii

Zi I told the lesbian straight up. I don’t know why you are acting this way when me and the girl have hooked up in the past. You supposed to be my friend. Why you out here giving ultimatums and cock blocking. Especially when I hang out with you and you hits on multiple other girls… So why you in your feelings about this one.

I see her once in a blue moon nowadays. I don’t really hang out with her like that anymore. Don’t get me wrong. Girls used to like her. It was funny cause she’s boyish. But it helped me know the freaky girls cause she’d tell me.

Earlier this year I was hooking up with this other bisexual girl and through her I’ve known a whole different circle. I’m telling you. Wako wengi.