Today's Superficial information on technology

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Man will remain man. There are a reason personal cars remain on the road. People must have their personal space, especially the upper classes.
And nobody is about to beat the brain at its work in the next several millenia. We dont even know how the bran works up to now. Rcognition abilities of the brain cannot yet be matched. A computer can probably remember a billion faces accurately but that does not beat the brain at its work. the kind of coordinated multitasking and resolution of the brain is just beyond computers for now.

Secondly, people think that technology is growing fastest in all history. This is largely misguided. the problem is that people think than technology is actually electronics. It isn’t. Between 1881 and and 1903, man dumped the horse and and could fly. We still havent thought of an alternative superior design to daimler’s straight inline four gasoline engine or made any complete change to the wright brothers’ aerofoil + engine design. We still use the incandescent bulb from 1800s and we have trouble finding a replacement of equal quality lighting. despite all the hype of energy savers, the rich still use the incandescent and important installations such as flood lights and car beams still use it. Can I add that the zipper is also a revolutionary, almost irreplaceable?
how is that comparable to the change from landlines to mobile phones? Railways have the centuries old rail and sleeper design even today. Who can question tesla’s monumental invention of the generator and the transformer? Those are the true revolutions.

Thirdly, Africans and other third world countries are accessing telephony in the twenty first century and they think the ideas are new. they are from the 1870s and wireless tech is equally old. what is happening now is that information is more accessible and methods refined.

in other fields, we probably are also asleep. Discovery of penicillin, polio vaccine, and such is much more revolutionary than today’s improvements.


And Nikola Tesla genius is underrated too

Most of these inventions took care of the need for faster communication and transport. Maybe the reason they haven’t changed is because it’s all man needs. However as science continues growing and curiosity persists, some new awe inspiring inventions might come up- fancy stuff like fast personal space cars. Stem cell research is promising(what if a body part could be grown in a lab?), use of quantum physics knowledge to target specific cancerous cells, effectively curing cancer…Most times though we think we have all the technology we need.

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Someone should reinvent the door…the current design hasn’t changed much in eons :smiley: