Today's scheduled Execution

HUNTSVILLE — A Texas inmate who received a 60 day stay during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is scheduled to be put to death Wednesday at the Huntsville “Walls” Unit.
John Hummel, 45, was convicted in 2011 of capital murder in the December 2009 fatal stabbing of his pregnant wife, Joy Hummel, 35, and fatal bludgeoning of his father-in-law, Clyde Bedford, 54, with a baseball bat.
Court records say that Hummel also used the bat to beat to death Jodi Hummel, his 5-year-old daughter, before he torched their home in Kennedale, a suburb of Fort Worth. However, he was only convicted of capital murder in the deaths of his wife and father-in-law.
Prosecutors say he killed his family so he could woo a woman he had met at a convenience store.
Hummel, who was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marines, had no history of violence prior to the murder that occured on the night of December 17, 2009.
If his execution proceeds, Hummel will be the second person put to death by the state of Texas this year and fifth in the U.S.
Four executions are currently scheduled to take place in Texas throughout the rest of 2021, including:
John Ramirez, 36 — On July 19, 2004 in Corpus Christi, Ramirez and two co-defendants robbed and killed a Hispanic male.
Rick Rhoades, 57 — On September 13, 1991, one day after being paroled, Rhoades entered the home of and murdered two brothers while they slept. Rhoades also stole money from the victims.
Ruben Gutierrez, 44 — On September 5, 1998, in Brownsville, Gutierrez and two co-defendants entered the home office of an 85-year-old Hispanic female with the intent to rob her of the money she kept in a safe. The victim was struck repeatedly and stabbed multiple times in the head, causing her death. The subject and co-defendants fled the residence with a minimum of $56,000.
Ramiro Gonzales, 38 — On January 15, 2001, Gonzales kidnapped and sexually assaulted an 18-year-old female before fatally shooting her.
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I wish they can live stream the execution.


No, please. It’s enough to know he will be no more. Death is not a beautiful thing to watch; even the death of an animal isn’t. You remember the hanging of Saddam Hussein?

I didn’t mean it’s exciting to watch someone die but people need to see the consequences of crime.

Sure, but it would be gory to stream it live

Capital punishment does not deter people from committing crimes.

Its actually barbaric

I heard one guy was injected with lethal injection 12 times and he didn’t die.

That translates to torture not execution at all.!!! Mungu hamtaki

He needs aachanena dhambi amuokoe!

Imagine watching all those attempts. People might even think the executioner isn’t serious

The guy was very calm but the guards and executioner were so panicked as his family and the victims family watched in horror. One injection after the other and the guy was not even looking phased. They decided to reschedule to avoid further embarrassing blunders. May be the drugs were exchanged and he was getting saline water.

One suspects that somebody didn’t want him dead. What happens if blood is injected with saline water?

Nothing much. Companies making those drugs that kill quickly and easily have refused to supply prisons with them or discontinued production. They are now experimenting with different concoctions which at times take alot of time to kill or fail altogether. I don’t know why death row exists bcz if you have cancer or covid they must wait for you to recover b4 they execute you.

If people need to be executed–and some people need to be, unfortunately–why not do so effectively: firing squad, quick and sure. During the French Revolution they weren’t taking chances with executions, they employed the guillotine. [SIZE=1]And someone made lots of wigs out of real human hair afterwards–so next time you buy “real human hair”, find out how it was acquired.[/SIZE]