Todays Punch line

the first woman on earth gave it up for an apple (@LeoK, 2018)

Lesson: Dont bruise your hand, it is that cheap.
Random Pick

iyo chocolate skin inakaa tamu sana… hii ni chama ama nini there are only women, i dont mind joining hii chama

in other words…unataka kuwa na umama

kama kukua na umama itafanya niingie ndani ya hao wamama hapo sawa

The cheaper it is, the closer we are to singing luwere for you.

That’s in the constitution, tusibishane.

My advice: hakuna Sabina joy ya Madame. If you talk to 10 women, 2 will give in: at the right moment, place. Note, no money required.

Simply, you were at the best place, at the best time. Na ulimdanganya akakubali.

Can we make this the best place and the best time?

I thought Adam is the be who gave up for the apple…

Huyu Mbithe can gerrit!