Today's mind blowing discovery

I just found out there’s a country called Dominica. An island nation. Not the Dominican Republic, but Dominica. Aje sasa? I thought I was aware of every bloody country on this planet. Not that it adds any ugali to my sufuria, but this is not the kind of information I want to discover in my 30s. I need to read more books, kushinda huku na vichwa mavi kama @Mzee mzima kunafanya nakuwa mjinga. Like, I’m actually insulted. Ni sawa tu.

So what else is out there?

Anyway, as you were. Ghaseer.

They have very beautiful ladies in that country.

Umekuwa ukiishi kwa shimo?

how to get there



if you are into extreme sports…Dominica’s got you:D:D:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]237019[/ATTACH]

Intelligence doesn’t come from books meffi.

The other doing i was doing an accounting exam. Came across a concept I’ve never read before, needless to say i solved the question using my natural intelligence. I gave out no formulas. Come out of the exam and saw i got the answer exactly right.Kuna watu who knew the concept and got it wrong. I end up jerking my ego for days. I have mad IQ levels bruh.

Kuna island municipality in the Indian ocean called Mayotte. It’s past Comoros Islands. KQ flies to one of its town called Dzoudzi. Na ndege inajaa

Nasio Fontaine come from which nation? It’s Dominica.
I hope you know Nasio and most importantly you have listened to his tracks Black Tuesday, Crucial, Living In The Positive, In My Defence.
The day Nasio comes to Kenya I’m buying that concert ticket even if it’s 10,000/=
Deeply spiritual Rastafarian

Hii Ghaseer iliacha kutwanga bibi?

:oops::oops:Are you talking of Nasio Fontaine? Post evidence if you’re not living up to the @digi reputation

Mayotte ni ile French overseas territory yenye Comoros huzozania na France? Niliona wako mpaka na white French policemen huko. Na hao wa-Mayotte wamekuwa assimilated into French culture mpaka wanadharau wa-comoro. Alafu hao wa-comoro wakiongea lugha yao unaskia words za kiswahili/bantu moja moja. Anyway, Mayotte is better off economically under French supervision than the “independent” Comoros, even if the same French are responsible for destabilizing the Comoros.

I suggest to all ye to subscribe to the Geography Now YouTube page. You will not be disappointed. Start off with Kenya… 95% accurate