Today's date

It’s a Happy December 23rd 2015 in Iziopia

It’s a Happy 22nd December 2022 according to Orthodox shush.

Curry munchers aka akina @ranjeet hawajui date gani. Wanangonjea festival to celebrate some god.

According to Muslims today is 8th Jumada 1444 AH.
And for you and I xtians it’s 1st January 20203.

Who has the right date???






1th Njaanuari 20twendi3

Jinius waturedio .

Does that mean … Ama wacha tu.

Ethiopians. Na hauja wataja

The earth revolves and rotates round the sun. The moon continues to move. Dates and years are there to organize human’s activities. Africans also had a way of marking time with key events and lunar movements.
We move on with life.

Nimewataja. See the first line


The only days that matter is when I was born ,the day I made my first million dollars and the day I die,hizi zingine ni kelele tu.

Million Zimbabwean Dollars ama?

:D:D:D:D:D… peasants mtulie priss

Last time ulisema about your networth ulisema 900k ksh… .ulifikisha million dollars when? Kanyambie mbali :smiley:

Whoever knows the exact date and time that the earth was formed and started orbiting the sun is the only one who knows the exact date. Everything else is a figmentation of the human mind.

So, does that mean if I go to Ethiopia I will have time-travelled back seven years?