Today's business Summary

[SIZE=5]Transport secretary James Macharia has granted low-cost carrier flydubai the rights to begin daily flights between Dubai and Mombasa in a move that will raise competitive pressure on Kenya Airways…[/SIZE]

Rental prices in Nairobi’s satellite towns fall on increased supply…

[B][SIZE=5]KCB takes over Mombasa tycoon’s (TSS) company in Sh1bn bad debt tussle…

[B][SIZE=5]Banks’ profit growth falls as loan book stagnates in first six months…

[B][SIZE=5]CBK proposes three-year limit for bank auditors to boost governance…

[B][SIZE=5]MasterCard launches Sh1bn joint jobs deal for youth…

[B][SIZE=5]Treasury bursts local borrowing target by Sh49bn on tax shortfall…


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So long KQ.

“Rental prices in Nairobi’s satellite towns fall on increased supply…”

Hapa ndio nataka more info

Sande @Okiya

Sande sana okiya. Be putting the news daily plss. Mbirioneyas hatuna time ya kusoma makanzeti [SIZE=1](ni vile mandazi moto ilipoa)[/SIZE]


Na hii FlyDubai ni ya nani.
Mimi nashuku some shining eye dudes own it.
@Okiya anything on my allegations?

Nope fly Dubai is 100% owned by Emiratis.

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Good. We cannot have another offshoot just like we did with rift valley railways…

Mimi nangoja safcom ikuwe red , alafu nirudi nse, the bear has awoken

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Kuna jambo jet which is profitable

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