Today on simp stories

Bana, kumbe yule dem virgin probability 88% was paged manze :smiley: . Nimeonana nayeye akajaribu kuficha stomach, roflol.
Sad but funny. Back to you true speakers here.

Sad i have to start again with someone else. This journey is long and tiresome. Si mnitafutie girla manze. Please :smiley:


Case of virgin Mary :D:D

Karibu Kanairo buda,utazoea


ni umeffi tupu

original link?

I believe we agreed that Kenyan girl and Virgin can’t be in the same sentence… being a fúaking símp you are …you disagreed then…niggà welcome to reality

SledgeHammer, we said sometimes back that every problem isn’t solved by smashing with brute force. Be nicer to the girls, they’re many.

We ghasia ungejinyonga tu badala ya kusumbua wanakijiji every other time