Today is the Day Men are Taken to Slaughter houses (Weddings)

Weddings are back in town, in every corner. Weddings is where men are taken to slaughter houses. Its where men sell their FRAME to a woman forever (only few men recover).

To woman after years of Thottery, she is so happy since she has tethered male to provide and toil for her as she sits with remote on her hands fattening like @uwesmake wife

To men, they have sold themselves to slavery, all they see is responsibilities before them - no Groom in a wedding is happy (all pretense to please a woman). Men are happy when being men e.g watching Arsenal ikikamuliwa not being in weddings.

To the men attending weddings, look at them all, they look out of place unhappy questioning themselves when the end will come they go to being men. To the married, they have been forced by their wives to attend. To the unmarried, the ladies have brought them to sell them the hide ‘i want a wedding’.

After she has proved to her people and friends she has tethered you, she will not care the amount of money you have used, morning she wants you to provide, she will not care about holes in your pockets … shidwa kuprovide and drama starts next day after a flashy show-off wedding

[SIZE=5]Here Mzee at this Point; Never marry with a wedding - if you love her, go to IG. Many marriages that fail start with this lie called a wedding pushing by Feminized Religion. Wedding is the start of your troubled marriage.[/SIZE]

Kuoa lazima kwanza hio ya church. I believe in doing things the right way. Bibi atakaa venye utamwonyesha. Ukimpea nafasi ya kusumbua atakusumbua tu.

Ukikaaa strong atatii and respect you.

Kijana very fews years after that you’ll be here with hekaya … A wise man learns from others and those before him, a fool learns from himself.

Nimekataa…I won’t be like the bitter post wall feminazi singo mathas that criticize everything about marriage.

I just pray for a good wife and a happy marriage life.

Doomed to fail

Who said a church wedding is the right thing?
So long as you have agreed that you have married, even in private, you’re good to go

As a grown man I expect a grown woman to behave like a grown woman. Ati abehave vyenye nitamwonyesha? Siezi anza kulea mtu mzima ata dakika moja

Kwani unaabudu ibilisi. How do you know it will fail.

Niliskia it takes about 10 to 20 years to get a wife out of the woman you marry.

You create what you want. It’s not for the faint hearted.

Atakula makofi ashike laini in six months or less. Hapana bembeleza punda kwa mteremko

Hivyo ndio nyanya yangu ali olewa.
Grand Mbuyu aliambia Mresh akuje ka chai mandazi ya jioni moja…Mresh aka dance a yard…wakakunywa tibeh ndunya…saya kuenda ati kwaheri tutaonana siku ingine…Mzae akamshow unaenda wapi si ukae tu ukuwe Bibi yangu…and that was that.
Kuna siku nilikuwa na watch wedding show an old childhood pal was getting wedded…ngombe ika sob ‘tears of joy’ vile wife aliinua veil…Grand Mbuyu aliniambia tu nichange channel…hes never seen such non sense.

Taking an overdose is harmful to your health. You should have stuck with your redpill prescription of 1xthat’s enough


Kitambo, most people married when the girl’s mother told her to go back to where she had slept after a sleep over. And many are still happily married

So far sijaona challenges as a married man. Kwani m na o go Panasonic aje Mwanamke?

Huwa inakaa to many here as the ultimate test. Bibi ama msupa wakukusumbua huyo si wako rudisha yeye pale ulitoa…
And please talkers note this

Dem anakusumbua means that you are dating someone else’s wife. Si wako.
Dem hafai ku kusumbua in any way. ham fai kusumbuana. Feelings zisi wahi kudanganya.

Marry a woman who is in love with you and not the one you are head over heels in love with but make sure ni mrembo.

Do you look forward to being married?

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW =FREEDOM … can’t relate.

Statistics church marriages put too much pressure on the family

True. To those that allow the church to out the pressure on the family.

Happens when the couple share every little detail with the church. Kwanza hizi ministries.

Your enthusiasm is admirable - few years, you say…more like months.