Today Is D-Day. Do You Think Lockdowns Will End Or Will They Be Prolonged

My take is that they will be prolonged by a minimum of 14 days.

It is time we learned how to live with this disease. If it lasts for two years are we going to lock down the country for 2 years?

Why do we have to follow the Whites blindly like sheep to slaughter?

Very ironic rhetoric coming from you.


Curfew hours to be pushed from 7pm to 10pm

Curfew will be removed. Nairobi and Mombasa will have a 14 day total lockdown.

Curfews and lockdown will be removed. Everyone for himselefu, those who die die , those who live ,live

@digi haukuongea tena na kibicho juu ya hii story?

Look here sheeple (wewe ni Kondoo). I don’t support everything the whites do but as far as Technology is concerned weather you like it or not they are 2 centuries ahead of the the Negroes. I abhor some of their habits such as Uhomo I also appreciate our Less processed foods but abhor some of our retrogressive cultures such as FGM.

Mbwa wewe

Curfew wont be lifted chances are it will be pushed from 7 to 6 pm
its survival for the fittest now … the new norm

14 day curfew to continue then shule na kanisa zifunguliwe after that

It’ll be interesting to get to know Konyagi’s announcement, looking forward to the same.
I personally view it this way,
The lockdowns were necessary first to assess our preparedness, try organize our health system to acclimatize with the situation and to finally advise and sensitize the general population on what covid19 is and means to protect ourselves.
All these objectives have been met,
So at worst I expect maybe he’ll extend a lockdown of about a week. But the lockdown will be lifted and movements resume.

The larger question will lie with the general East Africa approach. It was why the online meeting was necessary among the head of states.
The EA free movements between borders will have to be thoroughly reviewed.

nothing will change lockdown/curfew to continue.

Low blow:D



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