Today in India: Two Years of Modi

Narendra Modi’s sweeping victory in the May 2014 Indian general election prompted jubilation among his Hindu supporters in Varanasi, the northern city on the Ganges he had chosen as his parliamentary seat.

The energetic leader of the nationalist Bharatiya Janata party seemed to usher in a radical change from the sclerotic Congress government he had deposed, promising jobs for the young, toilets for the poor and economic reforms for investors and entrepreneurs.

Two years on, and even Mr Modi’s supporters in Uttar Pradesh, the country’s most populous state, are beginning to wonder if the prime minister will be able to achieve half of what he has pledged — whether the target is a clean-up of the polluted Gangesor the revival of Indian manufacturing.

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not really

India is too Asian to be Western and has a Western attitude that one cannot fathom

I don’t understand this.
What ‘western’ attitude do they have?

Remember India is home of bureaucracy, it will take more than just one Prime minister to change that. he need the collective goodwill and support of the majority of Indians to make absolute change. He has done well so far. Ensured the upward growth is not affected but grows. He has brought together state governors into a round table for local development follow up meetings. It in this state governments where the trickle effects of the national prosperity is stiffold. Still alot has to be done.

why are we discussing indian politics? :confused: