Today in History


West Africa people dress traditionally in official duties. In Kenya we’re still looking for a national dress

No we are not ! We’re looking for ways to out European the white man.

Ili kosekana

Look at the Nigerian Senate… It’s against the rules to show up in the kenyan senate in anything other than a European suit

We’ve been bamboozled like Malcolm X said.

west africans had these clothes even before colonisation…most of us hardly wore anything before the mbeberu showed up

uwongo my ancestors had clothes .go check history books hata picha iko akipewa the first bicycle . learn history my friend

What’s the point of a national dress when the fabric is 100% Made In China???

Such are the ventures zinaeza kunukisha kitunguu this 254 but kila mtu aliona ni kheri kuweka slums na kuuza panty mitumba CBD.

Walikuwa wamempea nguo hapo awali :smiley:

ng’ombe :D:D:D

You’ve been lied to. Not all of us walked around naked.

And just because your people wore nothing does not mean now you should have only the British mode as your option.

Also 1920 is the end or begining of History. There’s nothing stopping us from developing a Kenyan standard in 2018

Nearly naked…nausiseme eti fur call it animal skin :D:D

What standard are you using . According to them days fur was the “in thing”. Hata Adam and eve were naked and they had no problem . The devil (mzungu) is the one who told them they were(naked) . Wacha kutumia standards za mzungu my friend . Tumia ya Adam and eve before the devil .

Hapa kuna allowance ya suti kweli si wata kaa penguins